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Sugoll the Deformed
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Saturday, June 17th, 2006

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In addition to going out and buying a colour printer at long last (and using the careful decision-making process known as "looking at the catalogue for ages in a bewildered fashion, and then going, 'Ummm, that one,'"), I have also taken the plunge and ordered a MacBook, of the Intel variety.

I shall no doubt regret this, since I pretty much used the same method for this decision too, but at least I'll be able to sit there and say, "Ooo, look at the pretty!"

Current Mood: Decisive but uninformed
Love and Monsters
Hmm. Last ep we saw was Girl in the Fireplace, and this really doesn't compete. Yes, there were good bits - some very good dialogue from our protagonist - but my principle problem is this...Collapse )

So, entertaining and well-written, and I'll probably love it in hindsight, but on first viewing, it's a disappointment.
Not nearly as good as hoped. My expectations were set very high by the short film before Wallace and Grommit, which featured the penguins. Alas, like Scrat in Ice Age, they were the best bits in it, but not in it enough. Like Spike, really.

And the film itself was like Dreamworks thought: Hmm, Donkey in Shrek. He should have his own film.

Funny, but not as much as I hoped. And short: only 1:15.

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