June 18th, 2006


Seven Swords

Saw this a few weeks ago. Very disappointing. Mainly because of a combination of simplistic story, undifferentiated characters, either poor script or poor translation, ridiculous weaponry[1], and the annoying conceit that it's the sword that makes the warrior, not the individual. Never mind if you've never used one before.

[1] Imagine a broomstick with a microwave fastened to the business end. Think about swinging that around your head. Exactly.

Sympathy for Lady Vengence

Also saw this a few weeks ago. Wasn't anything like what I expected, but it was damn good.

Woman locked away for a long time for a crime she doesn't commit. Comes out later and extracts vengence.

I expected much martial-arts mayhem, but no: she has a cunning plan.

Actually, it's a pretty simplistic plan, and not worth all the fuss made in the movie, but let's ignore that. The good bit is what happens at the end. The last quarter of the film is some deeply twisted moral anguishing, and nicely done. I'd recommend it for that, despite the confusing direction and choppy editing for much of the first half. It's not a nice film, though.