July 1st, 2006


A busy day

There's been a lot going on today. A trip into town, as reported by katlinel, where I picked up some festival tickets and photos (the film went back as far as last November...). And lovely pasta, too.

Plus much faffing on the mac. Today's achievement has been working out how to log out. Really. For something that's vaunted to be a pinacle of "obvious behaviour", I'm stunned at how hard to discover some things are. And the Help is terrible.

Been trying to get connectivity with the Linux box. For a start, seems I didn't bother to install a bucketload of daemons back when I first set it up, what with only having the one machine then. And I don't have the discs I installed from. So I've scrounged some up from an even older RedHat release..

Mount's been causing problems. Everything seems to be okay, except that I get "Permission denied" anyway. Shall have to look into this a bit more tomorrow.

And there's been more B5. We're storming through Season 4 again, which is all good, apart from Mr Garibaldi being All Wrong, and Sheridan treating Lyta badly, etc.

Plus, Dr Who, of course. Which rocked.