July 2nd, 2006



I've spent quite a while browsing all sorts of help pages and web forums, etc. trying to figure out mac-related things. One thing I see a lot of is things to do with bookmarks on browsers.

I really don't get bookmarks.

There are tools for importing them. Searching. Organising. Reorganising. Synchronising. etc, etc.

Long, long ago - back when this new Netscape thing was first rearing its head - I ran into the problem of "This browser can't see the bookmarks I have on that other browser", and gave up on the concept of bookmarks there and then. Ever since then, I've just had a plain-html file that I edit occasionally to add new links, remove old ones, and re-order so that they have some semblance of convenience. When moving from machine to machine, to home, to work, to new browsers, to new OSes, to new companies, etc. it's been the simplest thing by far.