July 8th, 2006


"General Notice"

"On Sunday afternoon a large quantity of water entered the premises without permission."

So the minutes from our weekly status meeting began.

We first found out about this on Monday, when we discovered the entry-card system disabled, and some very squishy carpets. And an eerily silent floor, with many, many PCs turned off.

We were lucky, in that we had someone working in the office when the flash-flood happened, so he shifted a lot of machines out of the way, onto desks, etc. He drew the line at the machines sitting in 4cm of water - plugs submerged - and happily running regression tests. The basement floor wasn't so lucky. The water came in through the main doors, down the lift shafts until it flooded the bottom of the shafts, and then spilled out into the basement, with nowhere to go. On Monday afternoon, it was still raining in our basement.

And now, almost a week later, lots of carpet tiles are ruined, rented dehumidifiers are running all over the place, the doors are wedged open to allow air movement, and the place stinks.
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