July 12th, 2006


Daaaaa da duh-daaaa, daaa da duh-daaaa

Off to a wedding tomorrow. Which will be on Friday. The wedding, that is. Tomorrow, there shall be Voyage. I shall go forth, voyingly, and shall voy.

It's M's wedding, for those of you who are paying way too much attention, which means there shall be weaponry on display. To whit, a Guard of Honour. Always assuming those travelling on Friday manage to make it to the wilds of the Highlands in time, and are not devoured by ravening hordes of wild Haggis. (trivia point: y'know the tiny village Connor McCleod comes from, in Highlander? That's where M was born. The wedding's not far from there, but closer to civilisation. They have electricity, for one thing.)

Anyway. I shall be taking the backsword, for said GoH, and shall also be taking my nice new baldric, obtained for the occasion (repeat after me: "I shall call you my lord, my lord." Go on. You know you want to.).

And also, I shall be ushing. Ushage shall occur. This I discovered last week. So, much notice there, then. This is M to a tee, in fact: fantastically precise about the fencing, and utterly off-the-cuff casual about everything else. No-one's surprised.

Should be a good bash. siggav, mikeymookeymoo and kingdom_daphsim shall be there and in the GoH along with me and various others, and I expect to be reuniting with at least three Maestri from overseas, too, so that'll be cool, too.

Oh, one other thing. You see that sword in the icon for this post?

M's wearing it for the wedding.