July 19th, 2006


Doomed! Doomed, I say!

We watch Without A Trace (well, it's got Eric Close in it, innit?). And Scrubs has just kicked off again. Both at the same time (one on More4, one on E4).

Luckily, they're repeated. Good job, really, because I've rather heavily screwed up the recording. First I recorded Sky One for Scrubs (forgetting it was now on E4), then E4 for Trace, instead of More4. Twice, I think. Plus the ads and trailers before the second repeat of Scrubs were screwed (bogus transmission) so I thought we were just going to get audio for that. So, I think I managed one out of five, or possibly six.

And tomorrow the whole wretched saga kicks off again.

Lost is losing me

The last couple of episodes have been rubbish - after all the character development they've done on Charlie, I don't believe he'd be acting like that. So I hope things pick up again soon, since I'm losing incentive to watch.