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Sugoll the Deformed
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Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

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Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest
There were plans to see this with katlinel, iainjcoleman and i_smell_shite, but since other things intervened, that'll have to come later. So I've been to see it with siggav.

The short version: it's good, but over-long.

The long versionCollapse )

Good stuff. Want to see it again, to re-consider everything. Luckily, I plan to do just that. :-)

Current Mood: Arrr!
Mostly, all I can say about this film is that it was a couple of hours of my life gone. Not really much more impact on me than that.

Oh, well, perhaps more. But with spoilers.Collapse )

Gyllenhal doesn't convince, either. Mainly because he comes from the "glaring" school of acting. His google-eyed expression barely changes throughout the whole film, so Swoff just comes across as an enigma to me. Or perhaps that's because I just don't get the military mind at all.

Nicely shot, but so what?

Current Mood: Not "oo-rah"
A History of Violence
Didn't like this. Given the presentation, I expected something considerably deeper - and possibly more fantastic. Something about identity. I didn't care whether it was a Philip K. Dick approach, or a Bourne riff, or something else. But what I got was considerably more prosaic.

And any interest I had was utterly destroyed by a near-rape scene two-thirds in. I just didn't buy either of the characters' behaviour at that point, and it struck me as gratuitous, too.
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Definitely the best film of the night, by a long way. My hopes were up when I saw Shane Black's name on the credits, and he didn't disappoint. Lovely, lovely post-modern narration by Downey Jr, with cinematic flair to match. Quirky, sparkling dialogue, and a somewhat convoluted plot that I'm sure I'll figure out if I have a pen and paper. But a good story.

And Val Kilmer's still getting work. Coo.

Excellent stuff.

Current Mood: Go Shane!
I was planning to configure the colour printer. However, while sorting out some Milford stuff, I noticed that I apparently didn't have any user-level printer support installed. Certainly lpr and lp were missing. Okay, so maybe Linux uses different commands these days, but xdvi hadn't noticed...

Started doing a download and install of various CUPS packages. Which appears to have hung. Sigh. I'm hoping the package manager does all the downloading first, and then kicks off the installation. But I'll leave it chugging away for now, just in case.

Current Mood: Unsurprised
The devastating effect of subtitles
I was planning on seeing District 13 tomorrow. Looks like it's had a really bad week at the box office, though, since it's pretty much disappeared from the listings: there are a couple of late-night showings (which clash with when katlinel gets back, so they're out).

Luckily, we also have an arthouse cinema here, and it's still on there.

Of course, had this been a Jet Li flick, the lack of an English language track would have been considered a plus.

Current Mood: Phew

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