August 3rd, 2006


boo, hiss

Ths PVR claimed still to be merrily recording away this morning, which is odd, given that its timer told it to stop at about 11pm last night. Second time in a week it's done that. Although at least it didn't need a power-off to stop it, as it did last time.

Naturally, the recording didn't keep, though. No big deal, since it was A Town Called Eureka, of which I've heard precisely bog-all - unusual for a Sky One 9pm sf slot. On the other hand, what little tv we're watching at the moment is all on E4 and More4, so we're not seeing Sky's usual trailer saturation.

In other news:

  • No, the windows weren't stuck shut after the painting at the weekend - although I did do my back in trying to lift the upper sash. Damn thing kept jamming after an inch.
  • My neck's aching again. I suspect it's spending too much time in the same position. :-(
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