August 5th, 2006


Painting again


I really hate doing sash windows. It's the Death of a Thousand Little Coats - the last nine hundred of which are the most frustrating, because you'd thought you were done, until you remembered you need to shift the damn thing again.

On the plus side, I haven't fallen out of the window yet.

DS9, Season 7

As lent to us by the wonderful glitterboy1.

This bottle's still not empty, so while I finish it, a quick wrap-up of the season thus far.

There's been a lot of Ezri. "Ooh, look," thought the writers, "someone new to play with." I'm not warming hugely to her character. I thought de Boer's best episode so far was "The Emperor's New Cloak", which was a mirror universe episode, so didn't have the usual character. And no, it wasn't just the leather. Although her face looks less out-of-proportion with that particular makeup on. We've also had the overbearing family/murder mystery episode (ok), the one-of-my-hosts-was-a-murderer murder mystery epsiode (silly) and the worf-doesn't-like-me introductory stuff.

Best episode so far has been "The Siege of AR-wotsit", wherein a couple of quality guest stars, best known for playing utter nutters, are cast as complete nutters instead. But on the good guys' side, for a change, and it's great. Best of all, consequences last for an entire following epiisode (guess the reset button was stuck), which also gave us a good Vic Fontaine epsiode.

Worst of the lot has to be the bleedin' baseball episode. What on Earth were they thinking? It was worse than Buffy's "Beer Bad", for crying out loud.

So, some good stuff and some bad stuff. Plus a mixed bag in between. We're about half-way through, and we've had a few episodes where we've been complaining at the screen. "Why don't they just say blah?"-type moments. But I expect we'll start the run-up for the finale soon...

We're enjoying it anyway, so that's good.
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