August 11th, 2006


More painting

The rest of my company (well, the local branch anyway) were off at the beach today, having a relaxing, social day of BBQ, games, etc. The choices were: go along with that, or stay in an empty office and work. Sod that, I thought, and chose Door Number Three instead. I've taken the day off, and have been doing more painting on the windows. Almost finished. Almost.

And while waiting for it to dry, I've also attacked the tiles in the corner of the bath/shower, where the sealant/grout has obviously failed, and where water's probably been seeping downwards, towards the flat below.

I've ripped off the three tiles which were damn underneath, replaced the dissolved MDF - with a piece that's just too thick, damnit! - and the tiles are now back in place while fresh adhesive goes "off". Later, there shall be grouting. I know this, because it says so on the tub. Sealing shall follow, too.

The downside to all this is that we probably shouldn't be using the shower for the rest of the weekend. I'm sure katlinel will be delighted when she finds out.
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