October 12th, 2006


Bare palm

In what is no doubt a metaphor for life, I took my T3 out of my pocket earlier, and the spring-clip that attaches the flip-top cover to it exploded.

On the bus.

I returned home clutching a collection of rather tiny and sprongy little metal bits.

I've reassembled it, but evidently the fastenings that hold the whole thing together have evaporated, so I've used Sellotape. Might try gluing it into place later on, but until then, my poor baby 'poot is nekkid.

Accelerando, by Charles Stross

Finished this last night. It's taken me a while. Not nearly as gripping as Iron Sunrise or Singularity Sky - mainly because it's not so much episodic as addicted to re-tooling at every chapter heading. There is a continuity of character and tone, but it took me a while to adapt.

Echoes of Vernor Vinge's Marooned in Realtime and Neil Gaiman's The Books of Magic. Not that there's much similarity - it just made me think of those.

I suspect that Mr Stross is one scarily intelligent person, too. It's full of references, figures, terminology and technology that could just be well-written technobabble, but having recognised, uh, one[1]Collapse ), I feel no need to doubt that practically everything else in there is probably bang-on. Speaking as a lazy reader and an even lazier writer (I make everything up), colour me impressed. Hearing him speak at Worldcon meant I already had this impression, but the books don't hurt.