November 11th, 2006


Well, that was embarrassing

Went to collect something from the shop today, having received the message that it was ready. I turned up, checked all was okay, and everything was bagged up. Just the payment to go.

Gah, I hate paying with chip'n'pin with my credit card; just about all my CC purchases are via the internet, and most places that I've used it in person, they hadn't switched over to pins. The upshot of this is that I've very rarely used a pin with the credit card (three times, I think), so I'm never quite sure I can remember it.

Apparently, this time I could, because the machine told me it was Locked. Eak. It was fine last week in Rome.

So, that's embarrassing enough to begin with, but then I put in the usual bank card instead, and completely blanked on that number. Two incorrect guesses didn't help.

I offered to come back and collect the goods when my brain worked. They just let me sign for it instead.
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X Factor musings

(a) They really are rubbish this year, aren't they? There's almost nothing that's above godawful, let alone reaching the standard of Fantasia's Summertime in the American Idol from a few years back.

(b) Isn't it easy to confuse Simon Cowell and Simon Callow. (Just the names, obviously. I can tell the people apart.) No? Just me, then.

(c) Having said that, apparently I'm the muscly rich git with the too-high trousers. I keep making comments about the singers, only to have Cowell (or Callow) repeat what I've just said. Nah. They've probably just bugged our living room. That explains it.
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The State Within

You lot are quiet on this. I've got two episodes squirreled away and ready to watch, and I thought I'd be dodging spoilers by now.

ETA: Oh, all right, I had the wrong title. Enemy of the State is a Will Smith/Gene Hackman thingy. katlinel is busy being dutifully smug.