November 24th, 2006


We're all doomed

Why would the Republicans spend ages getting up to all the dirty tricks that first got Dubya into the White House, when they can just set up a web site?

(After all, people believe what they want to, on the Interweb Thingy. I mean, I'm posting a Slashdot link; you think I even read the story it cites, let alone verified sources from the next stage down the chain?)
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Pratchett on Beeb4

Over the last few days, we've been watching the BBC4 interview with Pterry, as conducted by Mark Lawson. It was kind of weird. Lawson kept throwing in things like "buying some of your books that I didn't have," or "some of the events at which I've seen you", as if to give the impression of a long-time follower of The Man In The Hat. Yet, the overall tone of the interview was, what's wrong with you that you want to write this stuff, instead of proper books?

I mean, the interview was at pains to introduce concepts such as fantasy, sf, Discworld, fanfic, not-all-fans-are-weirdos, etc. And yet, if the expected audience needs such things, what's this programme doing in the middle of a dedicated sf season?

Pratchett was good, of course; he always is. Yet the first third of the interview seemed to be Mr P trying hard to give a good and useful answer to the viewer without responding to Lawson's questions with "what kind of moron are you?"
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