December 5th, 2006


Bah, no wireless

Since I'm picking up the parental units, I thought I'd try this whole using a laptop elsewhere lark. I hear it's quite the thing these days. Alas, while I'm pretty sure there's a T-Mobile hotspot in the departure lounge, AirPort[*] isn't showing anything. Might be because there's a pay-to-use terminal booth here in arrivals where (not surprisingly), the facilities are considerably less swish, since the plebs here aren't a captive market, stuck behind Security.

But then, on the drive out, I was thinking: I really must check what encryption I've got on the email download, for Thunderbird, because I'm not keen on broadcasting the connection passwords to a room full of strangers. I should really learn something about this here wireless security business, methinks.

On a brighter note, I'm typing this into the zljpost LJ widget, which is happy to accept text without having any hope of posting it, which is more than I'd be able to do with the web client.

[* Yeah, Apple knew exactly what they were doing, with that product name. ]
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