December 6th, 2006


Just us again

The parental units have been, and they have gone again. At least, they were in the car when I drove to the airport, and they weren't in it when I got back. I'm assuming that they're either blissfully mid-air, or gumbling incessantly in a departure lounge, but either way, the visit is done.

And very nice it was too. There was a chance to catch up, in that my mother has a skill for not passing information on for years ("Is Auntie Flo still single?" "Yes, the thing with Bill didn't last." "Who's Bill?"), so there was a stilted transfer of information. Plus discussion of physical ailments, since we're English and can't deal with emotional issues, but will trot out advice on doctors, physios, etc. at the slightest opportunity.

We went out for a marvellous meal last night, which was marked by my father not displaying his increasing skill at breaking restaurants; he's developing this tendency, when k and I take him to places we've been patronising satisfactorily for years, of turning up on the day everything goes wrong. Today, for example, the place we went to for lunch ran out of one ravioli filling and so substituted another without mentioning it. And got cheeses wrong. The coffee at the place we stopped for elevenses was questionable. And so on. But not last night! Last night everything worked, so hurrah!

It's been quite a nice weekend, and better yet: it happened during the week, so tomorrow's not Monday.
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