December 9th, 2006


Normal service has been resumed

After having a reasonably productive time at work last week, that all came crashing to a halt this week. It wasn't anything particularly bad as such - just other stuff needed to be done.

Like yesterday, for example. It's Reviews'n'Appraisals time, so I was planning to finish off trashing some poor sucker's career devising plans to develop my minions' professional skills, before moving on to reading a bucket of code for a code review next week. Then, if I was lucky, I'd get around to finding out why the few remaining regressing tests are actually failing.

No such luck. First thing I found on arrival was two bundles of paperwork from the lawyers, on some patent applications. So that took a lot of reading and checking. And I'd only just started that when my boss turned up with yet another revision of the new employment contract (which has required quite a few attempts to get right, what with HR first not listening to what they were told, then not understanding it, and then several rounds of bad editing and/or versioning and/or formatting). So, read through all that again.

Then I could get onto the reviews. Finally started the code reading at 5pm. Didn't get too far into that, never mind starting looking at regression failures.

And next week's a short week, what with two days off, the code review and a project meeting, and three appraisals to do. So I think I'll have one day to get everything else done.