December 22nd, 2006


Almost done

A half-day at work, followed by an enjoyable session in the pub. A quiet evening in with katlinel, and then some sorting out for our trip to k's parents, tomorrow morning, for the main event. Not too much trouble with packing this time, since we're going on the train: the biggest decision was working out what books to take. I'd been hoping to make the most of four-plus hours of travelling to get some actual writing done. Y'know - fiction. But we have airline seats, so there won't be room to open the laptop, methinks.

On the downside, the last couple of days' work have mostly been about writing (docs), and my wrists are playing up a fair bit. Ow. So fiction probably wouldn't have been a good idea anyway.
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That's more like it

Due to a sudden lack of West Wing - we recklessly finished season one while season two is still in the limbo that is the Christmas post - I decided we would watch some Xena this evening. Specifically, "The Furies" and "Been There, Done That." It's all good stuff.

They should tie the Robin Hood team to a chair and make them watch the two shows side-by-side.
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