January 1st, 2007



katlinel and I had a loverly evening last night, round at iainjcoleman and i_smell_shite's place, where there was much good food, wine, and critical stomping into oblivion of Robin Hood. Some Who and Torchwood might have come up, too.

Massively, massively windy in the evening, with much wuthering in evidence (tried to cross the road; got stuck halfway). So we went via the car, and I'll collect it later. Once I'm human again. We staggered home (literally, in my case) at 3:30am.

A random nutter set off a fireworks display in the street outside us (I don't mean that he was being unsociable - it was very nice of him, but you'd have to be a nutter to keep doing so given the frequently near-horizontal trajectories of some of them, in the wind).

Funniest moment: after spending ages all talking about cons with one couple, when they left it was revealed that, as friends of friends, iainjcoleman and i_smell_shite had never met them before either. Good job they turned out to be lovely people with the same interests (mind you, the many daleks and other Who merchandise about the place might have been a clue: it's safe to mention cons here).

Anyway, it was all good, and now I'm okay as long as I move sloooowly.
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