January 7th, 2007



Tired. Got woken up at 4:40am by an incoming text message, and then slept fitfully for the rest of the night. Gah.
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    Timezones, people!

Not what it says on the tin

It's bacon, mushroom and tomato pizza. Would you expect it to blow the roof of your mouth off?

Closer examination reveals mention of "spicy tomato sauce". Why, for God's sake?
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    Glass of water, please!

Spirited Away

Since it was on over the holiday, we watched this marvellous piece of animation. It was utterly enchanting, for three reasons.

First, I loved the imagination. Some very bizzare sights on the screen, giving me flashbacks to The Phantom Tollbooth. Second, there were some very, very cute wee beasties flitting about the place. And finally, I loved the way the heroine is continually affectionate and polite to everyone, no matter what.

Utterly endearing.