January 27th, 2007


The American President

The obligatory IMDB link.

So, this was last night's telly, as recorded from BBC1 earlier in the week. altariel had let on that it was Sorkin's dry-run at The West Wing: would audiences care about the mudane aspects (read: PR, administrivia and jostling for congressional votes) of a Presidential inner circle? Cue: yes.

We'd seen (and enjoyed) it before, but it was even more fun to watch while ticking off the embrionic characters and plot threads that would later arrive in WW. And we're only part-way through season two.

Definitely weird watching Martin Sheen, though.

And given that it has Michael J. Fox in it, we'll now have to watch Spin City too, and then come back and watch this movie again, just to really mess with our heads.