February 20th, 2007

howler monkey


While doing other stuff this evening, I happened to be booted into Windows XP. Rare for me, but there you go. I happened to stick a CD into the drive to play (Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten), the drive chugged away for a minute, and then a pop-up appeared:

System Files Updated
Reboot Now? Yes/No

I now have no idea what the fuck's going to happen next time I boot that Windows partition. I'm just vaguely thankful Linux still booted...

Oh, and on the back of the case, it says (now that I've looked): info: www.bmg-copycontrol.info.

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I wrote this earlier today. We haven't seen the programme itself, and probably won't until after the weekend. But here's my thoughts from earlier:

So, Heroes starts on Sci-Fi tonight. The timer is set, of course, but ever since this started getting hyped, I've been thinking: I hope someone in the Midnight Rose collective is talking to the Beeb about getting Temps picked up...