March 15th, 2007


MySQL replication

Anyone familiar with MySQL's replication capabilities?

MySQL supports replication from Master server to Slave server, where the Master is read-write, and the Slave is read-only (to avoid the need for conflict resolution).

What I'd like is for the Master to be on a laptop, which travels around being updated, and then occasionally connects to the Slave and pushes any relevant changes, and disconnects. Where "occasionally" means "once a week."

Instead, MySQL seems to only support the reverse, wherein the Slave frequently connects to the Master, and pulls down any new changes. Where "frequently" means "every N seconds, where N is small," along an expected-permanent link.

I don't really want the Slave banging against "unreachable host" every N seconds, never mind that the Master is likely to be on a different IP address now and then, allocated by the ISP at random, and behind a firewall, so the connection really has to be initiated by the Master.