April 15th, 2007


The Prestige

Excellent film. Gorgeous to look at, an engrossing story, and some excellent reveals at the end. I wasn't too keen on Christian Bale and his accent, but I got over that in the end.

And Bowie steals the movie! How stunning is that?

I'm even tempted to read Priest's novel now (which is a first; for some reason I'm always put off by the sound of his books) to see how much they changed.


This was terrible. Very disappointing, since I adore The Transporter.

The premise: Jason Statham, a hitman, has been injected with a nasty drug that's going to kill him very soon. The only way to keep alive is to keep running on adrenaline, until he can find a solution.

Should have been good, but firstly, the direction is full of lots of distracting effects attempting to make it seem "druggy"- which just annoys. Secondly, where that's not happening, they're vastly over-using other whip-pans, reveals, inserts, etc. Thirdly, there's some attempt to make it comedic, instead of a standard action movie, and it's just not funny.

And if that wasn't bad enough, there's an inexcusible sex scene apparently designed to encourage rape.

Lucky Number Slevin

I enjoyed this a lot. Bruce Willis does his familiar stoic performance, Morgan Freeman is immensely likeable, Ben Kingsley plays a nutter utterly convincingly, and Josh Hartnett does a grood Brad Pitt at only a fraction of the cost. None of that should be surprising. Lucy Liu is, though: here, she's cast against type and plays an adorably flighty neighbour.

So, what's it about? Freeman and Kingsley are rival gangster bosses, who both call in Hartnett for non-payment of debts, only there's a case of mistaken identity, and Hartnett isn't who they wanted. They don't find his excuses convincing, and want payment-in-kind anyway. The police want to know who this nobody is, who's suddenly working for both gangs, and meanwhile, the word is that uber-assassin Willis is back in town too...

I found it very entertaining, in an Ocean's Eleven guess-what's-really-going-on kind of way. Not much in the way of tension, but the cast all give enjoyable performances, so who cares?

D.O.A.: Dead or Alive

I figure I'm gonna have to lay some IMDB on you for this. Unless, of course, you haven't completely ignored computer games since, oh, 1990. Well, I'd never heard of the computer game which, I infer from the movie, is a typical beat-'em-up.

Nor had I heard of the movie, for that matter, until I saw it in Blockbuster's "What's New" webpage, earlier in the week. I think the summary was something along the lines of "Hot chicks wearing skimpy clothing and doing kung-fu fighting - what's not to like?" Sold, I thought.

Looking at the cover, wherein Holly Valance (Neighbours, failed pop career), Jaime Pressly (Charmed, Torque) and Devon Aoki (Sin City, 2 Fast 2 Furious) look vaguely Charlie's Angels-ish, I was expecting, well, Charlie's Angels. Y'know - some special secret agent group foiling super-villains, while having perfect hair and nails, in high heels. Nope, it's all about a fight competition. But the hair, nails and heels still hold.

And it's fun. It knows it's not high-brow stuff. Hey, it knows it needs those heels just to reach low-brow, but it doesn't care. It says, "sod this, let's just enjoy ourselves for a bit."

Favorite moment: Pressly's interactions with her father. Imagine that: you're young, trying to be independent and stand up for yourself and generally make an impression, and your dad turns up. How embarrassing.

Highlander: Endgame

This has been lurking on the PVR for quite a few weeks now, so I took the opportunity to get it watched and done with.

It wasn't bad, really, for a Highlander movie. Nowhere near the first one, of course, but the bar dropped pretty heavily after that. Definitely the best of the sequels. Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul get to wander about with lots of swords, there are lots of flash-backs, and original actors from the first movie turn up! I'm not at all au fait with the TV series (must borrow them from siggav when I've got a spare month), but I liked it.

But wasn't keen on the ending.