April 21st, 2007


Misc telly sf (no spoilers)

Lo, I have Mulled, and you may benefit from my Wisdom.

*Cough*. Okay, I've stopped channelling Spider Jerusalem, and shall just get to the point.

Martha isn't getting enough to do in Doctor Who. She might be more educated than Rose, but so far, she isn't smarter, and she's way too passive.

Sea of Souls: missed both the rest of the series, and the assistants (any assistants). Somewhat startled to see wossissname from Coupling in there. Quite enjoyed the story, but the music and direction were heavily intrusive. The switching between timezones would have been far more effective without it. Diary was too much of a coincidence, and led to too much exposition.

Heroes continues to be enjoyable trash. Hiro continues to be the best character by a long way (and the only one that convinces). They're very proud of their episode structuring; they're leaving characters out of the entire episode just so that they can bookend an episode in a way that structurally harmonises with how they did a previous episode. I don't know whether that's far too knowing, or whether it assumes you're watching on DVD. Hard to say.

And - though it's not sf - we're into the fifth season of The West Wing now. Woe. Still, we were warned.