May 27th, 2007


Trained muppets

Via this post on Making Light comes this quote from Legionseagle on fantic and Intellectual Property law:

"Pro law has professional oversight. We are required to read books on law, pass exams, work with our peers. Admittedly, that still doesn't stop a awful lot of pro lawyers sounding like muppets, but at least they're trained muppets. I realise, of course, that I am not a published author of fiction. And that may make my views on the fanfic v. profic debate less valid than it would obviously be. But kradical is not an IP lawer. His views on that aspect of the debate are, by the same token, less valid than mine. In fact, I'll make a fair offer. If professionally published writers will stop publishing (on the internet) absolute God-awful nonsensical bollocks about law, I'll stop writing fanfic. Deal?"

Teresa quotes more, and from others, to good effect. Read it.