June 16th, 2007


New toy

After not nearly enough forethought, I've just replaced my mumble-years-old Nokia 7250i with a shiny new Nokia N95 (flash warning). The plan is to retire the T3 Palm, and instead only lug about the phone. Should be entertaining. Generally, I use the Palm for:
  • Calendar/diary stuff (when my Psion 5 was nicked years ago, my life disappeared into a howling void for a few days; the same would be true now of the T3)
  • Contacts/Address book
  • To-do lists (general to-do, food to buy, presents for people, things to pack on given trips, stuff to nag people over, etc.)
  • Reading and writing short memos (largely unformatted text)
  • Reading and writing more Word and PDF documents (including via a wireless keyboard)
  • Databases (mostly, which DVDs and comic books I have, so that I don't buy the same thing twice)
  • Web browsing (occasionally - via Infrared to the phone)
  • Reading email (occasionally - via infrared to the phone)
So all of this needs to be moved over to the new phone. Should be a fascinating (not to mention excruciatingly painful) experience.

Progress will be reported here as and when any is made...
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