June 22nd, 2007


More phone

Meanwhile, so far I've not once managed to get the GPS to pick up a satellite signal. I shall have to confer with a minion, to see whether he has the same problem. I'm a little worried that its Orange fiddling (VoIP I can see, but GPS?) since they don't appear to mention it in any of their descriptions of the N95.

I haven't figured out how to get the MAC address out of the wireless interface. The manual tells me how, but that doesn't appear to work. And I can't find anywhere on my router that'll tell me. Bah. And it only works with DHCP, which I tend not to have, by default.

Exported the significant databases from the Palm earlier in the week into Excel (had to download some extra sw to do that - I'm sure pilot-DB used to be able to do that itself), but haven't come up with a good way of syncing them to the phone, yet. I'm guessing by plain ol' file transfer, which means getting a memory card, sigh.

So, so far, it's a pretty poor showing all round.

(Hey, it took me three days to convince the thing to display the names of senders of text messages, in the inbox)