June 23rd, 2007



My eyes have been aching a lot recently. I blame fashion - the trend for small, rectangular spectacle lens which mean that it's relatively easy to see past the lens rather than through it. And with the new (well, within the last few months) pair, the shape is somewhat unfortunate: whenever I'm looking anything less than directly forward (whenever I lower my gaze), I hit the frame or miss the lens completely. Makes reading difficult, because there's a big obstacle in the way.

And my vision's been pretty constant for the last ten years (ranging in the 1.0-and-1.25 to 1.0-and-1.50, but never enough for an optician to say "you'd notice if you changed your prescription") - I've changed because of damage, rather than changing vision, so I'm not sure whether it's because I need something different for reading.

I have a pair for VDU work at the office; I suspect they're little different from my other pair. But the normal day-to-day are too strong for reading with, just, and I have to look down (rather than tilting my head) when reading, because otherwise, my neck strains.

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