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Sugoll the Deformed
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Sunday, June 24th, 2007

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Sound of Drums
Well, I enjoyed that.
More on the phone
A week in, and the ride's not significantly less bumpy.

Amusing point: the guide lists media, connections, web, gallery, etc. It takes eleven chapters before it gets round to "Making calls". Eleven. And we still call them "phones"... (we got katlinel to call it today, just to make sure that bit actually worked, since it hadn't been tried out before).

Current Mood: Not as good as a 3a...
Spoke too soon
After giving up on the GPS, I happened to come across something that revealed the phone's MAC address (turned out I'd misread the instructions, and hadn't noticed that rather important asterisk in the revelant key sequence), so I have the phone connected to the local LAN without opening it up to all and sundry, and feeling adventurous, I left it searching the skies over by the window for a bit. Four solid bars in the first ten minutes, but no position. Tried again, and three bars came up quite quickly, followed by some co-ordinates. Whoo! Ran the maps application (and changed its connection from 3G to Wireless), and it worked! It zoomed into Meadow Mountain and downloaded some maps. Bloody hell.

Wonder if it'll figure anything else out anywhere else, tomorrow...

Current Mood: You Are Here

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