July 8th, 2007

howler monkey

"You'll miss them when they're gone"

It's been a bad week for knees.

Had a good night out at mikeymookeymoo's engagement celebrations last Saturday, and then ambled back home through town, late at night, missing lots of taxis. And ever since then, my knees have been hurting. A lot. Skipped fencing on Monday and Tuesday, and they're still giving me grief a week later. This has meant very little walking while metamorphosa's been visiting (but on the plus side, more sitting in cafes).

So, will be going along to fencing tomorrow, but not actually taking part. Sigh.

(no subject)

More on this lifeblog thing. As threatened, I've set up a proxy server, and had a shufty at the packets going past. The server error turns out to be:

Bad Request
Unsupported MIME type: text/plain

which is disappointing, since the overall request is typed as application/x.atom+xml. The only text/plain is in the body of the post, and that matches the Nokia lifeblog protocol spec's examples - except that the spec has "a:" prefixes on everything. Hmm.

Anyway, Support query posted to LJ.

I did manage to get posting to flickr working, although that took some hassle - turns out that flickr wants different username/password for mobile accounts....