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Sugoll the Deformed
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Thursday, July 12th, 2007

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On the 20st, we were scheduled to visit my family, for a combined 40th/50th birthday party on the 21st. Only metamorphosa pointed out that it is, in fact, on the 28th. Oops. Looks like I noted the date down incorrectly.

"If you want to change your booking," said the booking email, "call (this number)". So I did. They can cancel the tickets, though the refund doesn't happen until they receive them via post (minus admin fee), and I have to re-book on the website. So, not so much change as cancel, then.

Still, have booked more tickets. We'll be going down a week later, then.

Current Mood: It's when?
Hyperdrive is back
And jolly good it is, too. Agnostic hymns! Poxy British holodecks! It's so quintissentially pants.

Current Mood: British, Rubbish, and Proud

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