July 19th, 2007


Life with a bellydancer

Argh! What's that on my leg? I don't recall having a mole there! It's new, and dark brown, and round and, and---

--- oh, it's a sequin.

Never mind.

As you were.
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So another week's gone by where I've skipped the fencing, and been very careful to walk calmly everywhere (or take the bus when possible), etc., and my knees are still acheing. And so are my elbows. Now, one of them is because I whocked the funny-bone nerve into a door yesterday, but I don't recall doing anything to the other. I might have done, but---

--oh, it's just frustrating!
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Recommended for you

Dear Sugoll, Amazon recommends:

Modesty Blaise: The Inca Trail.
Why? Because you purchased Dead Man's Handle.

(so I did. I ordered it back in January. It arrived yesterday, thanks.)

Amazon also recommends:

The Last Basselope: One Ferocious Story.
Why? Because you ordered A Wish For Wings That Work.

(True. For someone else, because I already have Wings, thanks. I also ordered Edwud Fudwupper Fibbed Big, if you'll recall, but you gave up on that one after several months, didn't you?)

And why is sugoll browsing Amazon? To find out the price of House season two. Looks like the fifteen-quid pricing in HMV the other week was probably meant for season one, which would explain why I couldn't find any this week when I went back.