July 29th, 2007


We're back

The weekend happened. Travel down was okay, logistically, but damped - and I use the word precisely - by whichever ejit left a leaking bottle of water on the luggage rack on the train. We discovered this some time after katlinel's coat had been soaking up the worst of it.

Crashed soon after arrival. On Sat, k cleared off to Glitterville with metamorphosa, there to have sit downs, cake and tea, in whichever order seemed best, with glitterboy and altariel. I had brunch with the fam, and then k and m returned and we did the family party.

The party was better than expected; a friend of mine was there, and since I hadn't seen him for about a year, we got a chance to catch up. It started raining later, so we disappeared inside, but the weather wasn't too bad, considering. Felt like a late night, although it was (I think) about midnight when we crashed, back at my parents.

More brunching today, before travelling back. No problems this time, and I managed to convey the Ann Sudworth paintings I'd picked up at Concussion. At least, I hope I have; haven't taken the bubble-wrap off yet.

Over the weekend, I managed to finished off Deathly Hallows, so there'll have to be a post on that at some point. Now started on the recently-acquired Modesty Blaise. Checking the bookshelves, it looks like we're only missing one, now...
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