September 6th, 2007


I want my money back

Last series of Scrubs was pretty damn poor. So much so that we were hoping they weren't going to make any more, but of course they did. The current season has been, overall, slightly better. But only slightly. There have been one or two actual laughs, and far fewer majorly cringey bits. Mostly, it's been occasional-smile stuff.

The current episode, though, is shameful. The first half has consisted almost entirely of three deliberate clip-show montages, to music, framed by JD saying how much he likes to reminisce. Saying, "Like a TV show too cheap to write new episodes" before the first doesn't win them any slack.

Second half-'s just started, and we're into the fourth. I predict two more. Each is about two minutes long.

If you're gonna do a clip show, at least have the decency to come up with a story that involves a need to talk about the past.
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