October 6th, 2007

howler monkey


Just the other week, I pointed out to k that I was actually feeling pretty good: my knees weren't playing up, the RSI wasn't bad, and the back problems have eased. I did this mainly, I said, so that when something did go wrong again, she could point out that there was a time when things weren't so bad.

Anyway, my teeth have started aching. Molars on both sides of the lower jaw. Where, it has to be said, my teeth are, in fact, largely filling, some of which has been there for fifteen-to-twenty years, and amalgam just doesn't have that long a life. There's a regular check-up due at the end of last month, but I think I'll have to make arrangements for an appointment next week.
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Editing posts

There's a common key-sequence on the Mac that means, "move cursor to start of line." I use it a lot. Unfortunately, in Firefox, it also means "go back to previous page."

It's driving me up the wall, when editing posts. I keep bouncing out of the Post Entry page when I meant to move around the text instead. Thank heavens for the "Restore from Draft" thingy.