October 9th, 2007



Overdid the freeplay at the end of the fencing session this evening (me with Spanish rapier against mikeymookeymoo first with backsword, and later with backsword and dagger). So my hips are giving me that dull ache. Not pain, as such, just a long, loping, settling-in-for-the-duration discomfort that's probably going nag at me for weeks now.

But on the other hand: I overdid it. It's not like this one's a mysterious "what's wrong with me now?" sort of problem. As much as anything else, this post is here so that I can remind myself of when I did it, and how long it takes me to recover.


Made an appointment to see the dentist on Friday afternoon, to sort out my toothache.

Then had to phone up and change it to Friday morning. Forgot about a meeting that's been scheduled for a few weeks. Oops.
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