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Sugoll the Deformed
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Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

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More on teeth
I had the second part of the crown-type thing fitted today. About twenty minutes to fit it, and then about forty-odd while he ground the rest of my teeth down so that I could bite. And the session was 50% more than I expected. I thought I was mis-remembering how much the last session had been, but no. I'll have to ask why the estimate was so far out. Bah.

Meanwhile: ow.
Robin Hood
I've been watching the second season, albeit a few episodes behind the telly at times. It's still utter pants, but they've made some attempts at improvement:

On the other hand, they still break into the castle every sodding week (plus now Marian breaks out), the actual scripts are horrible, and they've included a vault heist and a gambling story.

What bugs me, though, is the way it keeps being presented as a "jewel in the crown" type programme. Gah.

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