February 9th, 2008


CSI: Trace

No-one ever said Bruckheimer was stupid. Crass, yes. Stupid, no.

CSI:whatever is, of course, a worldwide[1] phenomenon, albeit one in which we don't partake. I've seen the first season of Grissom and co's exploits, as someone loaned me the boxset, but it's not something we've kept up.

Unlike Without A Trace, the missing-persons procedural which we've been watching avidly in a mild disbelief: it's got Eric Close in it, and yet it's still not been cancelled. Oh, and we happen to like it, too, but we started because it had Our Boy in it, and we like a bit of Eric round this way.

Anyhoo, turns out that both shows are from the same stable, and this TUesday's CSI on Five is an actual cross-over: Jack Malone from Trace turns up. Not only that, but the story doesn't conclude - it continues into the corresponding Trace episode. Naturally, that's an episode that'll turn up on E4 (without fanfare, in the dead of night, some time in the future), since that's where Trace lurks on this side of the pond, leaving CSI viewers frustrated and Trace viewers baffled. But still - cross-over! Whoo-hoo! It's like first-season Angel and Fourth-season Buffy, or 50% of Marvel and DC comics ever written[2].

We'll probably watch it, just to see what it's like.

[1] Where "worldwide" is defined as "all the people who have shiny televisions and speak English", not "the entire population of the planet, including those who wonder where their next drink of clean water is coming from, etc."

[2] "What do you mean, you don't buy everything we print? Piss off, you part-timer!"



Long, long ago, my brother-in-law bought me a set of headphones. These were, he told me, monitor headphones: good sound quality, and approximately four miles of lead. Well, perhaps I exaggerate a little. But it's long. You can watch the telly from the other side of the room with these plugged in it, without problems. Handy when k's crashed out and I'm watching mayhem and/or shite.

Time has passed, and had its effect. Now the covering of the ear pads is flaking, and whenever I wear them, I end up with little specks of black plastic all over my face and ears. Bah.