May 24th, 2008


Other movies

Iron Man wasn't the only thing I watched the other weekend.

After reading cdybedahl moot the relative merits of Resident Evil and Bloodrayne, I'd been waiting to see the later for a while, and had Resident Evil: Extinction with which to compare. And RE:E stomps all over Bloodrayne without even breaking a sweat. Not to say that the third RE film is, y'know, any good whatsoever, but at least it looks like it was made by professionals. RE has one or two nice fight sequences. Everything about Bloodrayne is just abysmal: acting, dialogue, story, action. Gah.

I'd been meaning to see Transformers for a while, too - mainly to see what it's like. I was never into them as a kid, being born before too early, so I had no precious memories to destroy. So, big Spielberg effects movie with honking big robots. No particular complaints about the silly story. My main problem was that, once the robots actually move, it's difficult to see what's happening, so when you combine that with several of them hitting each other, and throw MTV-speed cutting into the mix, the last third of the movie becomes a blur of what just happened?

War, the Jet Li/Jason Statham movie, was a let-down. Should have been an action movie up there with Cradle 2 the Grave or Romeo Must Die, or even The Transporter, but there was too much faffing. Not a bad story, which was reminiscent of Last Man Standing and even Lucky Number Slevin, but it just never caught fire. Nice ending, though, which I didn't expect.

Ocean's Thirteen was Clooney and Pitt doing what they do well, with dapper, easy chemistry between them. It's probably a tribute to Damon's acting that his character comes across as out of his depth and a bit swamped, compared to the weight he brings as Jason Bourne. Mostly, though, this was a film about easy style. Half the time, I didn't have a clue what was happening or why (mind you, I was quite tired and drunk by this point), and the plot was way too contrived. Didn't grab me like it should have done.

Here we go again

It's been a while, so time for another computer upgrade. This time, the desktop is going from (god help me) Fedora Core 5 to (I hope) Fedora Core 9. See, I said it had been a while.

The backup's just finished, so time to turn this here box into a paperweight.
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Not a promising start

Haven't made leaps of progress yet, since four out of six CDs failed to verify in the CD drive. All of this sounds rather familiar. Meanwhile, I've spent a while running the memory check program that's on the Fedora Core boot program (verifying memory is one of the options, along with upgrading, completely installing, just booting normally).

I've verified that the ISO images I've downloaded are okay: although Mac OS X doesn't have sha1sum installed as a program, it is possible to get that as part of the textutils image from Fink, but even that's not necessary: the openssl program can compute a SHA1 checksum:

$ openssl dgst -sha1 my-image-file.iso

Meanwhile, previous experiences showed that I had lots of problems getting images to verify in this box at last time around: CDs and DVDs given to me by others verified fine on boxen at work but not here, and FC3 failed to write images. But I got away with it (ish[1]) by writing them on the shiny new Mac, last time. That's what I've done this time too, and I'm currently trying to verify them in the DVD drive instead of the CD drive, to see whether that makes a difference. uts666 suggested there were problems with the drives generally, and that I should just buy new ones. While there's something in that, it's not going to be too long before I replace this desktop with an iMac anyway, I think.

[1] "Ish", because last time, I got all the CDs to verify, then the install barfed on a disc error about four hours in, and I spent many hours trying to figure out what the fuck was wrong with the installation, as a result. Want to bet the same thing will happen this time?