May 30th, 2008


Not a good travel day

Yesterday's travelling didn't work out as planned.

Meant to drop into Waterstones in the morning, and pick up a book (just finished the first in a series, wanted number two). So instead of catching a second bus across town, I walked, taking me past the shop. 'Cept that we'd managed to be extra-efficient that morning, so I reached it half an hour before it was due to open. Bah.

Coming back, I went via Homebase, looking for long, thin wood/plastic things from which I could make rapier wasters cheaply. Armed with a couple (about 7' long), I got a bus across town, and met k. Waited for our usual bus home, only to be told by the driver that they were too long, and weren't allowed on buses. Grump. Waited another 20 mins, and got the next one without problem.