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Sugoll the Deformed
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Friday, January 2nd, 2009

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Understanding Comics
One of my Birthday books was Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, by Scott McCloud. I came across this while reading The Sandman Papers at the end of November, and a couple of papers referenced it. Plus, there was a page or two in the Local Heroes comics exhibition in the nearby library earlier in the year. Okay, I thought, this sounds good.
And it isCollapse )
But it doesn't take it far enough. I'm going to have to read Eisner's book - well, books - too, aren't I?

SQL question
Suppose I have a table T with columns V and I - V is some value, and I is some increment. Can anyone suggest a query that'll produce the longest sequence of rows where V+I == V', and V'+I' == V'' and so on. The longest continuous sequence of values made up of the different rows, as it were?
Time Machine
I had occasion to restore a file from backup this morning - wasn't really awake when I did the mv-A-tmp-mv-B-A-mv-tmp-B dance - and was thoroughly impressed. Slid nicely back to Christmas eve, clicked on the file I wanted, and clicked on Restore, and watched it float from the past to the present, while the days shifted by beneath it.

I'm tempted to delete a few more files, just to do it again.

Current Mood: Impressed. Also, relieved.

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