January 10th, 2009


Have laptop, will travel

My usual life-support system is a Samsonite laptop backback, similar to this one, only smaller. Distinguishing features of mine: has a very thin wallet-folder slot, which is where I actually put the laptop, and a main body pocket where I'm supposed to put it, but where everything else goes; small pocket on the front, handy for USB, keys, etc. but very little else; rounded corners which means A4 wallet folders tend to get squished.

When carrying the laptop on a plane, there's very little space for anything else. I mean, the laptop and cables pretty much fill it, with space for a single book. Clothes? Not a hope.

So, in preparation for Redemption, where I'll have a pile of Important Stuff that can't go missing with the rest of our luggage, I'm gonna need a bigger boat bag.
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