May 22nd, 2009



I am getting increasingly annoyed with the iPhone's mail client locking my mailbox. Fucking disconnect properly, damnit. It's set to connect hourly, yet most of the time, when I try to fetch mail with Firefox from another  computer, the bloody mailbox has a lock on it.

Poxy thing.


Tomb Raider reboot

Hmm. Apparently I'm four months late in learning that a Lara Croft reboot is on the cards. And while Summer Glau might be great (I say "might" because I've never seen her play any character that had a passing familiarity with social skills), that article misses the point: what's needed is a better script. Jolie was great in the existing Tomb Raider films despite them being steaming piles of cack. Fix the script and direction first, then worry about the actor.


Freakangels += 0;

Bad: Another Freakangels skip week. No free comic. Bah. Curse you, Warren/Paul, and your Detroit con attendance.

Good: I remembered to buy volume one yesterday. Just 'cause it's free, doesn't mean I shouldn't buy it. If you see what I mean.