October 11th, 2009



I adore Nigel Slater's recipes, but I've love to know what cooker he's using, because it is Not Like Our Earth Cookers. 50mins at gas mark 6 to cook a stuffed 2kg duck? I don't think so. We gave it 90, and I was still filled with trepidation while carving.

Oh, and the recipe says, "For 2". Two what? Leopards? There's bloody loads left!

Mind you, I did plan to do the recipe over the page, which is under the heading of "things to do with the left-over duck..."


So, you're aware of monopoly. One seller, many buyers.

Today, I learned that the reverse, many sellers, one buyer, is monopsony.

I'm sure it should really be "polymono". :-)

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