January 2nd, 2010



As katlinel  says, we had the lovely i_smell_shite  and iainjcoleman  round on New Year's Eve, and somewhat overcatered since various other people couldn't definitely decline until the last minute - rather handy, since in all the Tesco raiding, it hadn't occurred to me to procure something for the day after...

Anyway, a splendid time was had, with much nattering, booze, munching and being rude about people on Jools while watching the fireworks over Meadow Mountain. From the safety of the window, ha.

More detail on the nommables, for my own references. Mostly, it was Nigella:

Vin Chaud (Christmas, p261). We did both the boozy and non-boozy versions, and will do so again. Much nicer than the previous recipes I've tried. This might be down to the rather over-the-top cinnamon trunks sticks I used, being about four inches long each.

Fully-loaded Potato Skins
(Christmas, p40). Though I can never get bacon crispy as Nigella says - I always blink too soon and think, "Nooo, it's burning!"

Maple Chicken'n'Ribs (Express, p110). Requires marinating overnight, at least, which is what we did. k had ziplock freezer bags, and used them, to great effect.

Sticky Cocktail Sausages (Express, p322). Nigella just said "cocktail sausages", and the only ones I could find were pre-frozen, with advice to cook from frozen. Some experimentation showed that'd probably work. Nigella says GM7 for 35-40 mins, while the bag said GM6 for 18-20, but then, the sauce needs to bake into a glaze.

We had all three dishes doing at GM6, as it happens, since the temperatures worked out - the sausages just went at the top. We did have to do the sausages later, though, because of space issues.

Spiced Peaches
(Express, p337). I used crushed chillis, since I couldn't find chilli flakes, but they looked flakeish to me. Anyway, this seemed to work - there's a fairly heft kick to them (especially if you bite into one of the peppercorns, as Mr C did), but they're rather nommy on a cold winter's morn. And we now have them in a jar, chilled. Will probably do this again, on a random occasion, since it was also very easy (chuck everything into pan, bring to boil for a minute. Done).

katlinel  also did her mushroom pate, and made up something by roasting cherry tomatoes, courgettes and peppers (also at GM6, for a while), then mixed them in with some couscous, which was thoroughly lovely.

Plus, the usual cheese. But not the stilton because, well, what do I think is going to happen if I leave stilton lying around in this place and don't plaster it in huge KEEP OFF signs?

Anyway, it all worked marvellously, and I think I'll go have some more now, for lunch. Ha.
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End of Time

(no spoilers)

I'm in two minds about this. On the one hand, the coda was beautiful, and there were marvellous performances all round from Tennant, Simm and Cribbins.  On the other hand, outside the realms of the quiet, touching character moments, everything else was just bollocks. Far more so than all of RTD's other big end-pieces. Which makes this season a pity, really, since it turns out that the specials are the weakest parts of New Who, and it would have been better if we'd just had some proper episodes.

If only they could get that Moffat bloke in to write some more; his were all right.