January 11th, 2010

howler monkey

Tooth the Third

Last Wednesday was the third (and, I hope, final) part of Operation Sugoll's Teeth. This was supposed to happen in the run-up to Christmas (I'd tried to get it all out of the way before the Event), but funerals trump dentists every time.

This session wasn't too bad, in that he managed to drill out the temporary filling, ram in some landfill, and finish it all off, without me leaping out of the chair as he found live nerves. Weirdly, my jaw ached a lot more this time, though.

So now he says it might take a few months for it to settle down. Lovely. On the one hand, no temperature sensitivity. On the other, ow. I'm guessing that's general bruising and all the nerves in the vicinity collectively saying, "what the fuck was that?"

None of this is helped by me having a focaccia yesterday which had all the thermal properties of a Poptart toasted on the Incinerate setting, and consequently turning the entire inside of my mouth into a single blister.

Anyway. No actual news here. I'm just being grumpy. As you were.