January 23rd, 2013


iOS Twitter clients

I have a wifi-only iPad. I often use it to read Stuff when I'm out of wifi spots - travelling to/from work, say. I download a bunch off new stuff while I'm in range, for various apps: mail, webpages, twitter.

The default twitter app sucks, for this purpose.

First: I want to fetch all the new tweets. All of them. Not just a few, and I certainly don't want to have to scroll through looking for the gap bars so that I can get more. Give me every single tweet since the last time I downloaded.

(It can't be just me that reads tweets in chronological order, I.e. bottom to top. So why does the app always show the most recent of the downloaded chunk, making it even harder to find where to start reading? Or, more likely, to download the next chunk.)

Also: I want to say "refresh now" without having to scroll to the top.

Next: I really don't want the app to spontaneously decide that, perhaps, I didn't want to go to all that effort, and to discard all but the most recent.

Finally: I frequently want to follow a link, but since I'm off the net, I can't. Nor do I want to lose the tweet. At the moment, I mail the tweet to myself, which takes a ridiculous amount of finger actions. Why isn't there a "save for later" option?

Suggestions for a not-so-broken client?
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