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I've been meaning to do some book updates for ages, but haven't had a chance. With Orbital screaming towards us and Redemption way too close behind, there still isn't. So, very quickly:
  • Alice in Sunderland: Bryan Talbot's sumptuous love-letter to the not-Newcastle of the north. Up for "Best Novel", too. Gorgeous to look at and hold, and nicely done, though a little wearing to read: by definition, it's almost entirely exposition.
  • Toast: Charlie Stross's short-story collection, most of which demonstrate how rapidly near-future sf dates (nothing in the book's more than a decade old). Some great lines, but I felt that some of the stories (notable A Colder War) went on too long. Contains the short story that appeared at the end of The Jennifer Morgue, too.
  • Halting State: Charlie Stross's recent novel, and one that uts666 must read, damnit. It's written in the second person, which fits for a book that's closely related to gaming. Lots of fun, and some cracking lines in there, too.
  • Vicious Circle: Mike Carey's second Felix Castor novel, with a really nasty tale of abuse, and Caster in full-on Constantine mode working out to crack the problem with which he's been faced. An unusual idea, too: he has to track down a stolen ghost.
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