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Thoughts on the first two episodes of season four.

I enjoyed the first episode. I loved what Donna was doing, and I loved that she was doing it for a completely different (and self-serving) reason from Sarah Jane. I was somewhat thrown by the Tony Hawks-alike, but I did like Sarah Lancashire's performance. Got slightly confused at first by thinking that Penny was one of Matha's family. Oops. Bernard Cribbins was inspired - particularly after Voyage of the Damned. Lovely ending with Donna's luggage. Although I was narked that Mickey gets to hear the TARDIS across London, but Donna doesn't hear it twenty feet behind her.

Main annoyance: it's another episode that harkens strongly back to one of the Torchwood tie-ins: Andy Lane's Slow Decay. However, the underlying cause of that story is way too dark for Saturday evening prime-time telly, so I'm not surprised that they had the ever-so-cute Adipose instead.

So, onto Pomeii.

The Doctor and Donna were good - particularly in such scenes as when we discover the Seers really can. I had some problems, though. Firstly, I wasn't sure whether the figures that eventually turned out to be the sisterhood were supposed to be returning witches from the Shakespeare episode. Secondly, said sisterhood appeared to have wandered in from an episode of Xena, with their faux-portentious stilted dialogue. They really needed to undercut it, Whedon style:

"I beg an audience with the Reverend Mother*."
"The Reverend Mother is not to be disturbed."
"Wanna  bet? Just wait 'til she hears this. Gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies."

And finally, the Pyrophiles, or whatever they were called, just made me think, "end-of-level monster."

First and third are just the way my brain works, but the dialogue thing really should have been nailed. But even so: fun.
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